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Decorative Laminated Glass

Glassboards are already your best choice for an office, classroom, hospital or home; they’re easy to clean, incredibly durable and last virtually as long as you do. Using a tempered glass board and dry erase markers is one of the healthiest, greenest, cost-effective ways to keep your office looking modern and organized. While these boards are great for board meetings, resolving scheduling conflicts and brainstorming, glassboards can also play a less functional, visual role in a home or office. What do we mean? Decorative glass.

When we think of glass décor, our first thoughts are vases, candelabras and chandeliers. When the contemporary style began to take over in the 2000s, we started to see glass used in places we’d never have imagined; as glass kitchen counters, as glass stairwells and as glass walls. Some modern houses so far as to have glass room dividers instead of walls, and even glass floors! Decorative laminated glass is one of the most versatile products you can find to turn your home or office into a modern wonderland. So how can you spruce up your space?

Colored glass – Colored glass is one of the most beautiful ways to brighten up your office. With custom color matching we can take any logo, match any backsplash or create any new, vibrant custom color to fit perfectly in your home or office. Are you a designer that wants a special pantone of your own? Or maybe you have an array of colors in your kitchen and want one centerpiece to pull them all together? We create vibrant, beautiful colors for your space, which look great behind the high-gloss sheen of glass.

Laminated glassLaminated glass is the perfect way to add a touch of color while maintaining your subtle style. Laminated glass uses opaque custom films in the middle of the glass to add a pastel shine to any piece of glass.

Colors, textures, shapes – The best part about adding glass to your space is that the sky is truly the limit. Glass décor is really in its infancy, so getting creative with it can be incredibly fun. Glass will always add a high-end, modern look to a space, so you can play with colors, textures and shapes with less concern. Few tips on colors: a general design tip is to stick to two main colors, especially if you’re going with the more vibrant, colored glass. Also, make sure you like the industrial look, since glass takes away from some of the organic feels that can make a house “homey.” Other than that, explore, experiment and enjoy!

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