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Design ideas brought to you by back painted glass

A glass whiteboard can make over any space into a smarter, sleeker version of itself. But installing a glass dry erase board with customized back painted glass takes it up a notch. Back painted glass means that you can add color and a variety of effects to your space with ease. Take a look at these design ideas made possible with back painted glass:

Colored glass, floor to ceiling

Installing a glass whiteboard floor-to-ceiling can add a sophisticated touch to any office, work space, reception room, or other types of areas. You can mount this glass on an existing wall or as a space divider. Pleasantly surprise your clients and employees with a wall they can write on or tack documents to magnetically. Back painted glass means that you can transform any space with a splash of color—instead of painting a wall to give a room depth, consider installing a colored glass whiteboard against an entire wall. This adds to both the function and aesthetic of the space. If you have a looser, relaxed environment, have some glass dry erase markers handy so that people can write fun messages or greetings. Or, install a back painted floor-to-ceiling in a meeting room for a clean modern look that gives your space the sense that there are no limits to imaginative thinking.

Neon markers

Hardly anyone expects neon writing on a dry erase board. That’s because it’s hard to pull off, as readability with these colors on a light background can be difficult. But dark back painted glass makes writing with neon colors not only possible but has a very cool effect. Writing with neon marker is a great way to add a dose of fun to any atmosphere. Neon dry erase markers are perfect for a variety of environments, especially restaurants or other lively environments that need to post daily specials or the catch of the day.

Dark backgrounds

While you can get your glass whiteboard in clear, frosted, white, or other lighter colors such as pink and orange, back painted glass with darker colors can add an interesting effect. Layer it upon a darkly colored wall or contrast it with a light colored wall. This layering effect can add depth to a room and make the space feel more open and free. Write with white, brightly, or neon colored markers on a neon black or deep blue glass whiteboard for a look that will wow anyone who steps foot into the space.

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