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Glassboards Inspire Project Management for Wealthsimple

Tech and financial startup Wealthsimple recently procured Clarus Glassboards™ for their new offices in downtown Toronto, Canada. With a growing team to match a growing business, Wealthsimple needed a product that would match the creative, sophisticated and cosmopolitan surroundings helping fuel their innovation. With Glassboards, they found the perfect match.

With a simple, scalable model and already over $500 million in assets under management, Wealthsimple is well underway towards its market-disruptive goals. And with a uniquely analog approach to project management, fueled in part by the equally innovative Clarus Glassboards, you can count on Wealthsimple to sustain their collaborative spirit, remain nimble, and find new and exciting uses for Glassboards every step of the way.

To read about how Clarus Glassboards helped Wealthsimple manage projects and encourage team collaboration, download the full case study below!