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Don’t be guilty of these office decorating faux pas

Office decoration is a subtle art. You’ve got to create a pleasant workspace that is aesthetically pleasing while appealing to a large variety of tastes, but still doesn’t distract too much from the actual business. It can be easy to overlook some aspects that stand out to visitors—try to avoid these common office decorating faux pas:

1. There’s too much clutter

Even if your business requires a lot of paperwork, allowing your workspace to get crowded with clutter can be very noticeable to those who visit your place of business. Some may even take clutter and disorganization as a sign of unprofessionalism or inefficiency. Having a tidy workspace is important both for the internal workings of your office and for the impressions it gives clients or other visitors to the space.

One way of cutting down on the clutter is to replace basic memos or other common workplace documents that would be printed on paper to a medium that does not take up much space, such as a glass dry erase board. These boards look nice, and take up much less space than a stack of office holiday party invitations.

2. The design is overwhelming

In an effort to be hip or stylish, some offices may go over the top with the decorations. In an office setting, heavy or extreme designs do not usually turn out well. You don’t want to decorate a space in a trendy style only to have to redecorate a year later when the style fades.

The trick is to strike a nice balance between style and function. A simple style with a modern touch can be particularly striking, appeals to most tastes, and will look sophisticated for years to come. Glass dry erase boards fit this category that is surprisingly difficult to manage. You’ll get lots of utility along with a beautiful piece that goes with any style or room.

3. The equipment outdated

Not only do you not want to have an office decoration that is too overwhelming, but you should also make sure your equipment and decoration is not outdated. You don’t have to have a new copying machine every year, but if a piece of equipment has become an eyesore, it may be time to get a new one or move it out of view. Make sure all your equipment is clean and in good shape. A common complaint of offices is dirty whiteboards, which are known for staining and buildup. Glass dry erase boards will wipe clean every time and look beautiful for years to come.

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