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Dry Erase Board Myths Busted with Glass Dry Erase

Forget everything you know about dry erase boards. If you think your options are limited when it comes to installing whiteboards, then you need to take a look at glass dry erase boards. These stylish glass marker boards can transform a room while regular whiteboards just blend in. Take a look at these common dry erase board myths busted by glass marker boards:

Myth 1: Dry erase boards are all drab

Do you remember vividly the last time you saw a dry erase board? That’s because it probably wasn’t a very memorable addition to the room you were occupying. Unless you constantly use a dry erase board, this typically drab office supply piece is likely to go unnoticed.

Throw that dreary office style out and show off your forward-thinking attitude by using strikingly beautiful clear marker boards for collaborative or individual space, or even as an announcement or greeting board. The possibilities are endless with glass whiteboards, which are anything but drab—these modern boards make impressions with clean lines and sleek surfaces.

Myth 2: All dry erase boards crack and stain easily

This statement is only true if you’re talking about traditional whiteboards. Standard whiteboards are made using a weak material that allows ink from dry erase markers to actually seep into the board, causing permanent stains. It is also prone to more cracking and breaking.

You’re probably thinking that glass dry erase boards would be fragile, but this is opposite of the case. Laminated and/or tempered glass whiteboards are much more durable, lasting as long as the wall on which it is mounted. Tempered glass is five to ten times more durable than regular glass, and laminated glass is still very strong but made to be more flexible. These types of glass are also resistant to staining, as the material does not allow ink to seep in.

Myth 3: All dry erase boards are the same

If you think every dry erase board is the same, then you need to explore the possibilities of Clarus glassboards. We’ve already talked about how one of the ways that makes glass whiteboards special is the durable material. They can also come in a variety of fun colors and finishes—you can pick out a bold color, the striking clear, a classic white, or whatever color your space may need. You also have options when it comes to function. Customize your board with magnetic glass, which you can use to take items like a bulletin board, except without any annoying pins to deal with. Collaborating magnetic tacking and writing with glass markers can result in flexible and creative thinking space.

The other way that Clarus glassboards are different is in form. You can customize a Mobile Xpress, a glass board fitted into a wheeled frame. You can also have a glass marker board as a room divider, table top, or whatever size and form specifications you want to play with.

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