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Glassboards Enable Sustainable Design

Architects and interior designers have the challenge of specifying products and materials that serve a high calling. Form and function are paramount, but a third dynamic – the sustainability and LEED criterion associated with the decisions you make – has a lasting impact. And today’s top architects are indeed leaving a lasting impact, a legacy of design evolution that is enabling a more sustainable world.

Clarus Glassboards™ is a company committed to sourcing sustainable materials for the creation of architecturally inspired, LEED friendly, sustainable products. To demonstrate the holistic value of our glassboards, from the ecological, to economical to the social, we compiled a report based on market research. In the report, we identify elements of sustainability and LEED design that glassboards positively impact. And we also evaluate the sentiment of the design and end-user community as it pertains to the glassboard value proposition.

Click below to download the report and learn more about the Clarus™ commitment to best practices, sustainability, total cost of ownership and holistic product design.