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Employee Spotlight: Riley Craypo

There are certain people that you can’t help but appreciate. Whether it’s your mentors, parents, friends, or personal heroes, there are always people that leave a lasting impression on who you are, and the way you do things. Clarus Glassboards™ has been truly blessed to have the greatest employees in the business. Today we want to highlight somebody who has been here from the start and helped us grow into the thriving business we are today, Riley Craypo.

Back in 2009, when we were still in our garage band phase, Jeremy and Robby (our founders) were looking for their first partner in crime. The first hire was crucial. They were starting their business, a business they thought could challenge an entire industry to solve problems differently. That meant they’d have to hire differently, and work differently. Also, they’d have to convince a crazy person to join them in a garage making a product (glassboards) that didn’t really exist yet.

That search wasn’t easy, as they were looking for a needle in a haystack. Well Riley was that needle. As employee number one, Riley has been instrumental in helping Clarus Glassboards grow from 3 employees to over 200. He has held over twenty job titles and worked in every department at Clarus in seven short years. It’s safe to say he knows our company like the back of his hand.

This former employee of the year is a sort of “Quality Engineer.” While he could add value to any department at Clarus (seriously, he knows enough to be dangerous everywhere), Riley spends a lot of time interacting directly with clients to make sure that all of our products are not only meeting, but exceeding their standards. He is often called in to help solve unconventional problems and brainstorm innovative solutions. His background in engineering makes him a powerful addition to our round table discussions.rileycraypo

“Riley is the embodiment of our brand – he attacks challenges with energy. Because he has been with us since the beginning, he has an un-quantifiable amount of knowledge about the glass fabrication and finishing process. In baseball, when a team needs a big save, they call in “the closer.” The guy whose got the best stuff and can come through in the clutch. The guy that is just plain reliable and excellent. That guy is Riley. He’s our closer,” according to our President, Andy Philipp.

Even one person can make a difference, and Riley has certainly done that at Clarus Glassboards. Universities, corporations, and hospitals across the nation rely on us to deliver on our promises and exceed their expectations. And while we’ve built a team of problem solvers that love what they do, it all started with one guy. Riley humbly approaches his job every day, trying to make the world’s best dry erase products even better.

Today, Clarus is the largest manufacturer of glass dry erase systems in the USA with a vertically integrated manufacturing campus in Texas. We have grown out of the garage, but the desire to go above and beyond for every client still endures to this day. All thanks to our incredible team, made up of people like Riley. Want to meet the rest of the team that has helped transform us into one of the fastest growing companies in any industry? Click here to meet the rest of the team.