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Engage Your Students With the Interactive Glassboard

In the fast-paced and technology-driven world we live in, engaging with people of all ages can be a challenge, especially in the classroom. Teachers are forced to get creative with the way they present information in order to capture the attention of their students, but with Clarus interactive glassboards they have a dynamic tool to help them do just that.

What Is an Interactive Glassboard?

As its name suggests, an interactive glassboard is made of tempered safety glass and is accompanied by a projector. These glassboards allow teachers to connect their board with the internet or a digital display entity. This innovative combination promotes real-time collaboration between the projected information, and what is being handwritten or drawn by the presenter on the board. 

Interactive glassboards combine traditional learning methods with modern technology, and act as a communication enhancement in any teaching environment. 

Interactive Glassboards vs Whiteboards

Many people are familiar with the interactive whiteboard, and although glassboards and whiteboards are alike in many ways, there are a few key differences that put glassboards a few steps ahead: 

  • Ease of use

Where smart whiteboards require timely setup and technical know-how to work effectively, Clarus glassboard technology is straightforward in nature. Instead of syncing the board, pen, and projector, the glassboard simply requires that the single projector is turned on for it to be presentation ready.

  • Durability

Our smart interactive glassboards are designed to withstand regular use, and are 4X more durable than a whiteboard. In the average business or education setting, glassboards can last up to 20+ years before needing to be replaced.

Although glassboards come with a higher upfront cost than traditional whiteboards, you’ll get this money back in the amount of overall savings from cleaning and replacement costs.

  • Simple Maintenance

Due to their non-porous surface, glassboards are more durable and offer easy cleanup in comparison to whiteboards. Where whiteboards require monthly cleanings to fight off streaks, shadowing, stains, and residue buildup, glassboards can be maintained simply by using any glass cleaner.

  • Customizable and Sleek

Clarus glassboards come in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be customized to fit any space. Glassboards offer a sleek design with clean lines for a simple, elegant appearance. With Clarus customization, customers can choose to have their board on display as a wall attachment, or tuck it away when not in use as a free-standing entity. Presentation tools should never have to affect the style you want to achieve in your space.

On the flip side, the look of a whiteboard can come off as clunky or unattractive, and does not always fit the style or size of every space.

In addition to the actual board, glassboards compared to whiteboards allow for more versatility in writing utensils – giving presenters the option between dry erase, permanent, and even oil-based markers. 

What to Expect from your Glassboard

Incorporating the smart glass board into your space comes with an array of benefits, giving our customers modern solutions to traditional communication styles. 

  • Increased Student Engagement

It is no secret that students learn better when they are able to interact with the material they are learning. When students use the interactive glassboard, they are able to see, work on, and interact with materials in real-time. In comparison to traditional lecture models, incorporating modern tools in the classroom significantly increases engagement.

  • Enhancing Your Lesson Plans

Taking out the limitations of traditional teaching methods and adding in digital aspects truly heightens presentation quality. Teachers now have the control to adjust their lesson plans to fit the needs of a modern audience. 

Adding in aspects of creativity also makes learning more fun, and aids in guiding students or colleagues through complex topics. 

  • Ability to Accommodate Different Learning Styles

In today’s education, knowing how to factor different learning styles into lesson plans helps meet the needs of a larger number of students.

With the ability to switch between audio, visual, and interactive content, presenters can meet the needs and promote information retention for nearly any audience.

Clarus glassboard products also meet the requirements of official 504 and IEP accommodations, aiding in the education of students with special needs and specific learning challenges. It is our priority to provide flexibility and optimization when it comes to the way teachers communicate with and educate their students. 

Allowing room for creativity in any learning space sets audiences up for success. Take your student engagement to the next level with your Clarus interactive glassboard. Learn more on how you can get yours today