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Enhance Your Conference Room with Clarus Glass

Did you know that today’s average attention span is around 8 seconds? Integrating innovation into workplace communication styles is more important now, than ever. Investing in tools that support engaging communication, such as branded glassboards and writable glass table tops, makes for an easy transition into the world of modern, effective communication. 

Here at Clarus, we act as the one-stop shop for businesses looking to upgrade their conference rooms and communication spaces. Learn more about how you can enhance your workplace below.


What are your options?

Design-wise, office spaces should be seen as an extension of the company itself. Creating a unique conference space that amplifies your brand can speak volumes about your company to any visiting business partners or potential clients. So, what are your options? 

  • Print your logo on a glassboard
    Claim your space by adding company logos or imagery to any of our glassboards. Printed glass partitions allow natural light to shine through, and depending on your needs, can give the option of opaque layering to spaces where privacy is a priority.
  • Writable glass conference tables
    No need to bring a notepad to your next meeting – offer clients a creative way to jot down notes, display ideas, and engage with your content with our writable Table Tops. Clarus glass Table Tops are able to be manufactured in an array of different shapes and sizes, allowing customers to have the functionality of a traditional conference table, with a customized modern look.
  • Choose from an array of glassboard styles
    From a floor to ceiling room divider, to a projectable glassboard, to a glassboard with wheels you can move around your space – no matter how your conference room is laid out, it can be utilized even further with glassboards.
  • Color match your glassboard to match your branding
    Fill your space through and through with your company colors. Clarus will color match and produce a custom glass piece, perfect for any meeting space.

    To take it a step further, we also offer privacy glass tint options with color and opaque varieties. This makes for added privacy glass for medical offices or university meeting rooms where confidentiality is key. It is even possible to equip conference room glass with a one-way mirror for added security.

How can glassboards promote better professional communication? 

  • Well-designed spaces can promote productivity
    Think about what kind of space you work best in. How does that space look? Holding meetings in a clean, well-designed and utilized space can promote open and clear thinking, and positively affect ideas and well-produced work. 
  • Keeping your audience engaged
    Utilizing Clarus glassboards can support new ways of communicating and keeping your audience fully engaged. Project your presentation, draw out your thoughts, and let your team jot down ideas in real-time. However your company works best, Clarus has a product to enhance the way you work and communicate with your audience.
  • Stay organized
    Many of our writable glassboards are magnetized and allow clients to pin notes and reminders, as well as write out to-do lists, memos, and meeting notes directly onto the glassboard – streamlining communication between teams and clients alike. 

Whether your space focuses on colleagues or clients, implementing modern communication tools and amplifying your brand is a sure-fire way to ensure people will not only remember your company, but have a positive impression of you and your space. Contact one of our sales representatives to get started on your next glassboard purchase.