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Ditch the Interactive Whiteboard… Enjoy the View™

Over the last decade, thousands of schools across the United States paid billions of dollars to install interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. But today, very few teachers actually use the interactive white boards in their classrooms, leaving this obsolete technology as overpriced wall art – or at best, an overpriced whiteboard – never to be used for its intended purposes. Why?

Clarus View projection glass

Contrary to popular belief, implementing interactive whiteboards in the classroom is actually extremely complicated and frustrating for teachers. Educators don’t need to fight with technology for the first 15 minutes of class, trying to get the mouse, pen, board, and projector to cooperate with their presentation. The complexity of interactive whiteboards takes focus away from the students during class time – and that doesn’t even include the time teachers must dedicate to learning the software every time it updates.

According to recent research, the complicated technology of interactive whiteboards frustrates teachers so much, they end up reverting back to old technology like chalk or dry erase boards.

There has to be a better way to project on a board and write at the same time – which is why our product engineers spent three years imagining, designing, and developing View. Unlike an interactive whiteboard’s many moving parts, View is one, simple, stand-alone tool that doesn’t complicate the classroom.

View gives teachers complete control – functioning as a dry-erase glassboard AND a cinema-quality projection surface, allowing teachers to present and write at-will on their projection.

The simple combination of projection and writing surfaces brings a new level of interactive teaching to the classroom. View creates the best learning opportunities between students and teachers – face-to-face, live interaction that doesn’t complicate, but enhances the learning process.

View takes us back to the basics, providing a simple glass writing surface that doubles as a high definition projection surface. Position your projector once and never worry again about the edges of your screen hanging off the glassboard. Write all over the projector slides without waiting for your writing pen to sync with your interactive whiteboard. Erase your writing with the same ease, never having to worry about chalk or marker dust clogging the projector.

It’s the most functional, high-definition projection surface and the world’s best writing surface, all rolled into one. Technology has never been simpler with View.