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The Ever Changing Whiteboard

Whiteboards are great when you need quick notes, an erasable presentation or a brainstorming platform. Whiteboards serve their purpose and offer a temporary place for your office or classroom’s information. While whiteboards can be a great tool used in a hurry, often times offices need to find other media for permanent information and presentations. In other words, you wouldn’t write a novel or a contract on a whiteboard, since it could be gone with a simple smudge!

This is where the glass whiteboard comes in! Glass whiteboards are great for the classroom, home or office, because you can use dry erase markers, grease pens and even permanent markers on it. Having a board that you can edit and separate permanent from temporary information is really great. Here are just a couple cool things you can do with both permanent and temporary markers:

Calendar – One of the best uses for a mixed board is a calendar or weekly schedule planner. The lines and days of the calendar can be kept for as long as you need them, and the month and dates can change each month, by using permanent marker that erases. If you’re using your board to keep a weekly schedule, you can write in your mandatory weekly events and erase around them. Do you have a weekly PTA meeting? Or need a reminder which days are trash and recycling? Keep those permanent, and just change the week and activities.

Chore Board – This trick is more for home, or a small office, but may people use glass dry erase boards to keep track of who does what chore, especially if they rotate by week or month. Children do especially well with setting goals and receiving rewards, so keeping track of their chores can help them feel accomplished. Small offices may all need to pitch in on organizing files, cleaning the office kitchen or calling back customers. For smaller offices, many employees have multiple roles and job descriptions.

”Side Work” – Similar to chores, many restaurant jobs require that you help in either the opening or closing of a restaurant. Smaller restaurants can usually keep track of the “side work” they give to each server. For larger restaurants, they use some kind of system to remember who has done what, since some of the chores are more tedious than others. Using a glassboard can help you keep permanent track of past weeks’ chores, while using a dry erase for the upcoming weeks, allowing them to remain adjustable.

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