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We Are Flipping Out Right Now

The response to Flip, the world’s most awarded glass writeable surface product, has been incredible. Neocon was a reminder of the amazing use-cases brilliant designers have for the product which doubles as a functional acoustical panel, providing sound-deadening in any commercial space.

Where were you the first time you saw a Flip?

What ideas came to mind as you realized its flipability, its transformative capacity, its acoustically-sound aesthetic and beautiful glass writing surface?

Flip didn’t just win the Interior Design HiP award at Neocon. It won showroom 1033A. And among the chatter, the creativity, the dreaming and the imagination, many a brainstorm took place as designers admired Flip.

Some of the best thinking-out-loud moments stood out for their creativity:

  1. “My clients could put this in their office to conceal writing when they’re hosting visitors.”
  2. “We manage a co-working space that is wide-open. Flip would help with the noise issue and also add to the collaboration that takes place amongst entrepreneurs.”
  3. “Wow is this material tackable? I think it is. This is amazing – it’s not just acoustic!”
  4. “You should mount a Float board behind the Flip board – wow that would be awesome. That would allow you to flip it any way you want!”
  5. “With different colors available, this is as much a piece of art as an office product.”

Flip was also one of the most photographed products at the show. It’s a photogenic product. It’s alive, it has personality—it moves and transforms. After countless selfies, the only thing Flip didn’t do was sign autographs.

The only story under-told during Neocon was the customizable nature of Flip.

Did you know that you can choose from 15 colors for the acoustic panels, from purple to orange to white to blue? And 150+ glass colors? Nine frame colors, including 3 metallic choices? And stunningly, five textures and patterns for the panels themselves.

Add Clarus ColorDrop™ technology for further personalization and the Flip becomes perhaps the most versatile, customizable, functional, beautiful and transformative visual display product ever created.

One more question: Have you built your own Flip board yet? Flipping the boards and enjoying the magnetic magic is fun. But almost as fun is the process of customizing and building your own Flip board using the Clarus builder tool.

Choose your frame colors, your panel types your glass colors and your panel colors and see a beautiful rendering your future Flip board.