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Floor to Ceiling Clear Dry Erase Boards

Deciding what kind of whiteboard can be a difficult process; there are hundreds of options to choose from. You can go with a back-painted glassboard, a mobile whiteboard, or the newer high-tech interactive boards. There truly is a board for every company and every image. One of the most effective uses of space, however, is the floor to ceiling whiteboards. Not only do they give a clean and professional look, but they provide an entire wall for brainstorming, instructing and communicating with your office.

So why opt for a floor to ceiling glass whiteboard?

The Look – Floor to ceiling boards are not only great for the additional space, but they can add refinement to any space. An architectural walling solution works perfectly for large projects, and opting for a glass whiteboard allows you to use not only dry erase markers, but permanent markers and grease pens as well. Choosing a glass whiteboard gives you the opportunity to customize your space, since you can opt for a back-painted board to spice up your brainstorming room, or keep the transparent look for a sleek and modern feel.

Custom Boards – The best part about floor to ceiling boards is that you can customize them to any space. Have a small utility room that you’re looking to get use out of? Turn it into your brainstorming or creativity room. Allow employees to speak freely and bounce ideas off of eachother in this room. It may be a bit cramped, but it can be a great creative outlet for your employees, and you may just find your next “big idea” from one of these brainstorming sessions. Floor to ceiling boards can even be for show. A glassboard can add color and style to a reception entrance or elevator wall, and can be customized to include a company logo, mission statement, or special message.

Utility – Floor to ceiling boards are great for architects, professors and creative professions. We’ve all hit a moment on a traditional sized whiteboard where we’re out of board space but not even close to being out of ideas and information. Some professors have to go back to the beginning of the board and erase old information that students may not have written. For companies brainstorming, they take the time to break or move to paper note-taking, which can interrupt the flow of ideas. A floor to ceiling clear dry erase board offer a limitless platform for your creativity and imagination.

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