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For kids: Fun projects with a glass marker board

Back in elementary math class, nothing was more exciting than getting to use the whiteboards. Sure, they were old, cracked, and stained, but they were fun to write on. With beautiful and durable glass whiteboards, however, kids get all the fun of whiteboards while you can enjoy the modern and sophisticated look of a clear dry erase board. Not to mention the peace and quiet you’ll get while the kids are busy letting their imaginations loose using the board. Besides drawing, here are some ideas for fun projects and uses for glass whiteboards for kids.

  • A picture collage

This is one way that the fun of magnetic glass comes into the picture. With so many features, you can use a glass whiteboard for many types of crafts, but the first that comes to mind is a collage. This easy to do fun crafting idea is easy for kids because there doesn’t need to be any big messes—with magnetic glass, you can just tack up a picture without needing a thumbtack, glue, or tape. And, you can even leave clear space to add annotations or drawings with a dry erase marker.

  • A chores chart

Getting kids to help with chores is a chore on its own, but a glass whiteboard can help both organize chore assignments and get kids motivated to do them. Just make a column for each child to list their chores. Put boxes next to each chore so that your child has the satisfaction of checking off each chore when they are done.

  • A game template

You can actually order your glass dry erase board with a design template such as a calendar. With kids, however, there are unlimited possibilities for game templates to be applied to the glass. You can customize your own tic-tac-toe board or other similar school yard favorites.

  • Erasable work space

The same way that glass whiteboards can make chores fun, glass whiteboards can make homework enjoyable as well. It saves paper, and is a lot more fun to write on. Your child will simply work out a problem on the glass dry erase board, record their answer on a permanent surface, erase, and repeat.

  • Dinner menus

Kids are always wondering what’s for dinner. A fun way to let the whole family know is by displaying a glass marker board in a visible area and show off that night’s dinner menu.

  • Family messages

You can also use your whiteboard as a family message center, writing down important reminders, tacking up school notes that need signing, or simply saying hello.

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