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Four diverse areas, one glass whiteboard

Glass whiteboards are such useful tools that they can be used for a variety of situations. These boards will add sophisticated and clean style to any space, but also a lot of utility. Check out these four very different situations that you won’t believe can all use glass whiteboards:


I bet this is one of the last places you’d expect a writing/tacking board to thrive. The difference is the fun of glass whiteboards. Glass dry erase boards come in a variety of colors and other customization. You can also tack items to glass whiteboards with magnetic glass and use fun neon markers to write on them. The result is the ultimate party tool. Whiteboards allow guests to leave behind fun interactive messages. You can also tack photos to a board’s customized magnetic glass in between writing areas. Imagine hosting a graduation party and displaying a glass dry erase board tacked with photos of your grad—with markers laid out for guests to write well wishes! The result is a party favor of your own that will help the memory of the event last. You can also write helpful information such as where bathrooms are located or directions out of the neighborhood.

Family communication

Glass whiteboards are perfect for family organization. You can order your glass dry erase board with a customized calendar template or another design to fit your family’s needs. This board will stay clean and nice looking, meaning that you can display it in an area in your home that sees a lot of traffic. You can use the board to relay information to other family members, leave messages, and other family needs. Post tonight’s dinner menu or use the magnetic glass to tack permission slips or directions you need to pass on to other family members.

That meeting with that big client

So, you can use glass dry erase boards at parties, and in your home, but don’t forget about your workplace! Glass whiteboards are perfect for both the decoration and utility needs of an office space. You can even install it in a meeting room to use for presentations that will surely impress.

The front of your restaurant

In addition to parties, the home, and the office, entertainment venues can take advantage of the uses of glass dry erase boards as well. Although you can very well install one above your bar or in another area of your venue, using the Clarus Mobile Xpress out in front of your restaurant can help draw visitors in. Post your daily specials, a fun message, or a drawing that will get the attention of those passing by and bring them inside.

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