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Four Great Uses for a Glassboard in your Home Office

As the business world continues to transform, more and more people are learning the joys and frustrations of working from home. While it may seem like an ideal situation; working in your pajamas without any distractions, it can also be more difficult to get organized and stay on task. Whether you’re working from home or starting your own business, creating a productive work environment is key to your success. Here are four uses for a glassboard in your home office.

Calendar Scheduling appointments and presentations can become a daunting task when you can’t get organized. Sticky notes and planners can only go so far. Using your glassboard can be great for scheduling out your month.

Messages Working from home can be difficult when your spouse or children are home. Daily distractions seem to multiply with questions about dinner, chores and errands. A glassboard can help you communicate with your family when you’re busy on the phone, with a client or out of the house. Keeping a small glassboard on your home office door is great for keeping your family in the loop.

Contacts We’ve all trusted modern technology to save our contact lists, and many times we’ve been let down. Keeping an up-to-date contact list on your glassboard is a great way to stay organized and save time. Saving contacts is especially important when you have employees or an assistant who may not call the numbers as frequently. Not only is a glassboard great for business contacts, you can keep emergency numbers on there as well.

Brainstorming Brainstorming is a huge part of business for many creative firms and agencies. It’s important to plan out every possible idea and solution. Brainstorming is best achieved with multiple people, which helps bring perspective and fresh ideas. A glassboard is great for brainstorming; it’s simple, fast, and legible to everyone in the room. You can quickly write down, change or erase any idea and move forward without missing a beat.

A glassboard is a great tool for your home office, you can help manage your work, employees and family life all at once. What’s even better about a glassboard is that it comes in a variety of sizes and colors and even offers a magnetic version. If you like the idea of wiping it clean every day, the clear dry erase board helps blend into your office, leaving no bulky white or black board in the room. Glassboards don’t allow for bacteria build-up like a traditional whiteboard, and you’ll never have a problem with markers ghosting or staining them.

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