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Four Helpful Tools that Every Office Should Have

So you’re opening a new business, it can be exciting, terrifying and completely overwhelming. One thing a lot of new business owners overlook is having a well-stocked and productive office from the moment you open its doors. Making sure your employees have everything they need is an important part in setting them up for a successful workday. Here are some office tool “musts”:

File Organizer – If your business uses any kinds of files for your customers, you need to have a file organizer. File organizers are important because not only do they keep thousands of papers organized, but they can also be locked up for customer confidentiality. File organizers are great for doctor’s offices, apartment complexes, and financial companies. If you’re not a fan of the aesthetic, keep your file organizer in a back room, but let your customers know their information is safe and protected.

Pens Galore – Pens seem to vanish faster than any other office supply. A lot of the time, clients or customers will accidentally walk out with your favorite pens. For this reason, your office should be stocked with pens. Keep a pen holder with about 5 pens per employee. If the pens will be for customer and client use, buy the inexpensive pens that you can easily replace, or get pens with your company logo. That way, if they accidentally steal your pen, you’re getting a bit of free advertising out of it.

Whiteboard – Having an office whiteboard will help you tremendously. A magnetic glass whiteboard can be used for scheduling, communicating and even presentations. Whiteboards are a great motivational tool for salespeople, as you can track daily sales and encourage employee growth. A whiteboard is also a great tool for brainstorming ideas and holding team meetings. Even in industries that aren’t necessarily “creative” you can still brainstorm ways to improve your process, to satisfy the customer better and to improve teamwork.

Notepads – Many employees will tell you how frustrating it can be when you can’t find a notepad. They may be on an important phone call or only have a brief minute to impress a potential sale. If they need to write something down, they shouldn’t have to search the office for a notepad. A good rule for most businesses is to keep a small notepad by every phone. They can access it at any time and know where to look if they aren’t even on the phone.

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