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Four office problems solved with a clear dry erase board

Decorating and organizing the office can be tricky. With so many different individuals using a space, it can be difficult to match the needs of everyone and every room. Take a look at how a clear dry erase board can help solve these common office problems:

1. Too many signs or flyers

Many offices need to relay information through things like signs and flyers. However, these do not typically help the décor and space is limited. A clear dry erase board can work as a great message board in an area that is used to display information and that employees typically walk by. Rather than posting flyer after flyer, simply write down the message with a dry erase marker and then erase when it is no longer needed. No longer will you have to do a “spring cleaning” of flyers that are no longer relevant. You can relay information and leave a marker available for others to leave questions or comments. And, you always have the option of tacking a flyer to the board if you wanted when customized with magnetic glass.

2. Custom office furniture

Many offices order custom office furniture to fit the unique needs of an office or to collaborate with decoration and existing office furniture. This could be many combinations of shelving, cupboards, desks, tables and other types of furniture and storage that has been custom designed for a space. The problem is, if you wanted to install a whiteboard or bulletin board in this area, the space can often make it difficult to install. However, clear dry erase boards can be custom ordered to fit any office furniture industry specifications.

3. Too much space

While this might not seem like a problem, many offices have large spaces that they’d like to divide into smaller spaces to make individual meeting rooms or offices. This can be a large project for an office and for the office leasing a space, the owner of the space may not want that new construction. Glass dry erase boards can solve this problem—just install floor to ceiling glass in order to divide a room. This divider comes with perks, too. You can use the meeting space or office divider to write on, so there is no need to install a writing board on top of the glass. This gives vast space for brainstorming and thought organizing.

4. Dirty whiteboards

Many offices enjoy using marker boards but don’t like the uncleanly look that traditional whiteboards get after continued use. “Ghosting” and stains are the marks that remain after constant writing and erasing, which can detract from the look of your office. A glass marker board wipes off without leaving behind any marks, maintaining a surface that looks brand new long after it has been installed.

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