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Fun projects with a glass dry erase board

Installing a glass whiteboard can add a sophisticated sense of style and flexible utility to a wide range of spaces. Whether you have a glass dry erase board at home, the classroom, or in the office, there are many ways you can use it. Whether you are looking for arts and crafts or a tool that can make life easier, take a look at these fun projects made possible with a glass whiteboard:

A collage

A glass whiteboard makes a perfect background for posting photos or other fun items. Similar to a scrapbook, you can arrange items by tacking them magnetically if you customize with magnetic glass in creative arrangements and add decorations in open spaces. You can also fill empty space by drawing or writing with glass dry erase markers. Create a collage of memories to display at a graduation or birthday party, or perhaps post some highlights of that work outing last week.

A message board

A glass whiteboard makes for the perfect interactive message board. You can use the board in the traditional whiteboard sense by writing messages with dry erase markers for colleagues or family members to note as they pass by. Or, tack flyers or other important documents to the bulletin board. If you use the glass whiteboard in the home, where it can be difficult to catch family members going in and out, this is a great place for kids to take their permission slip or other items for parents to sign and then tack right back to the board for an easy pick-up on their way out the door. Or, tack that party invitation or a save-the-date for a quick reminder of important events.

A fun survey question

Glass whiteboards are great for fun and games, too. Wherever your clear dry erase board sits, consider writing out a question with easy to access markers so that coworkers, students, or colleagues can write out an answer to, perhaps by their name. This is a fun way to get to know each other or spark conversations. You could also do a trivia question, quote, or fun fact of the day.

Employee or student spotlight

If you do a spotlight or employee of the month type of thing, you can use a glass whiteboard to display this information. Tack their photo along with some notes about the student or employee to help recognize their efforts. This can also work as a birthday board.

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