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Furniture Glass

Furnishing an office with all the necessary items, while keeping it streamlined and professional looking can be quite a challenge. Many offices go overboard with floor to ceiling whiteboards, filing cabinets and closets full of disorganized and forgotten paperwork. There’s a delicate balance between keeping your office organized and making sure it looks streamlined and sleek enough to keep your employees feeling at ease in the office.

Furniture glass is one of the newest and best products on the market for making your office look clean and sleek, without removing all the functionality of a high-producing office. This furniture glass is created to specifications and custom made to fit your office perfectly. The high-quality glass comes in a variety of bold colors, can be designed to fit any unique office, can feature artwork or company logos and is as functional as our glassboards. We offer regular options, frosted glass, colored, and even magnetic, and the possibilities are endless for where you can use them. Here are just a few places you can install our furniture glass:

Workstation Panels – Workstation panels are a great idea for a brainstorming position; you can have a short, unobtrusive panel that divides workers at their work space, or you can have full-length, almost cubicle style panels, that offer the glass as a creative outlet, a place for personal scheduling and a brainstorming board.

Architectural Walling – Turning your pre-existing walls into functional spaces is one thing, but to add in architectural walls or privacy screens with a function is another. An architectural wall may be placed in the office as an art piece or to divide departments. You can offer that wall as a creative board for communicating between office mates, or a bragging board to promote a friendly contest in a sales job or competitive marketing field.

Table Tops – Table tops are often one of the best ways to add furniture glass to your office; you can turn a boring board room table into a idea mapping dream. Table top back painted glass boards offer the same creativity to employees as some restaurants offer with paper tablemats and crayons. Who knows, your employees may solve the company problems while they wait for the board meeting, or they can write down their questions and concerns early in the presentation.

Reception Station Panels – Receptionists often need plenty of space to write; they have important notes, reminders, phone calls and paperwork to keep track of. Usually they can keep track of scheduling, missed phone calls and important messages with their computer, but a great backup system is offering them a blank surface that is close to the phone and that they can use in an emergency. Creating a functional space for your employees is vital in how they are able to operate.

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