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Game 7 of the NBA Finals Calls for a Clean Slate

Get ready for Game 7. Last night, LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a stunning defeat of the Golden State Warriors, sending the 2016 NBA finals to Game 7 for the first time in three years. With the points total for the past six games locked at 610-610 – the Warriors and Cavaliers are in dead heat.

And while all the focus and chatter leading up to this historic showdown has settled on LeBron James and Kyrie Irving of the Cavs, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green of the Warriors — there’s one player on the court who’s received surprisingly little attention this season despite continued influence on the outcome of each game. But Game 7 may ultimately come down to the most overlooked player on the team – the whiteboard.

“It’s been our staple as of late,” said LeBron James to NBC.

Whiteboards have a long history of providing both clarity to the game – and unfortunately, often obscuring plays.

So, when you’re sitting on in front of your widescreen this weekend, fists clenched and sweat beading, while the Cavs and Warriors battle it out to make history, remember that some of the NBA‘s biggest playoff mishaps can happen because of ghosting on a whiteboard.

Ghosting is an all-too common problem which occurs when dry erase ink bleeds into the surface of a board – and stays there, leaving the misty reminder of past memos and plays. Dirty erasers, wet marks, the wrong kind of marker, and overuse all contribute to the presence of ghosting on a traditional white board –the ensuing result of which can disrupt games.

After his Game 3 loss of the NBA Finals last Wednesday, Golden State coach Steve Kerr complained: “We were soft. We were soft tonight.” He makes a great point.

Interactive, whiteboards are “soft” and porous. This means that the whiteboard absorbs ink and moisture which an obstruct the written material just badly enough to potentially confuse players about their assignment on the court. As many coaching tirades have also indicated this season, the board itself is also very easily damaged.

For the traditional board, there are a few temporary remedies for the ghosting problem, but at the end of the day, it’s impossible to avoid build up.

Clarus™ offers a solution. The world leader in glass dry-erase solutions, Clarus creates high quality mounts, beautiful finishing options, and the best quality glass to preempt any and all legibility problems associated with dry erase processes.

Clarus has provided its innovative products to some of the biggest companies in the world – and it looks like the NBA has caught on.

“If you don’t have it, give it up,” said J.R. Smith, “Since we landed the other day, it was pretty much like a clean slate.”

17 days after the NBA Finals began, “nine days after the Cleveland Cavaliers teetered on a cliff, five days after LeBron James found his inferno and three days after Stephen Curry lost his chill” – that’s exactly what both teams need: a clean slate.

This weekend one more season and one more series will come down to one game – and that game will boil down to one, singular element of the sport: plays drawn up by coaches on the sideline. Let’s just hope no players get confused by a smudged whiteboard and end up running the wrong play.

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