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Get Inspired By These 10 Renovation Ideas For The Office

Get Inspired By These 10 Renovation Ideas for the Office

Many people spend more of their waking hours at the office than they do any other single place. So, it’s no surprise employees appreciate working in a welcoming environment that inspires them. But the 2019 Gallup State of the Global Workplace paints a dismal picture of the workplace. Only one-third of employees stated they were engaged in their work and their workplace. That means a whopping two-thirds of employees are not. Savvy employers recognize the need to change those statistics to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Engaging employees isn’t a monumental task. Nor does it have to entail an extreme amount of money. One of the most effective ways to increase employees’ overall well-being, creativity, and productivity are with a well-designed office space.

Here are 10 work environment and office renovation project ideas to get you started within your interior space. Making just a few office renovations can reap big rewards for both employees and employers!

#1 Maximize the natural light

Natural sunlight has a powerful positive impact on employees’ morale, mood, energy, and mental health. Natural light can increase employees’ productivity as well as enhance creativity and focus. Installing glass wall partitions in the workspace, wherever possible, allows natural light to penetrate further and reach more employees. Have a windowless office? Changing the lighting can also make a difference. Blue-enriched lightbulbs can boost employees’ alertness, assist their memory and cognitive function, and enhance their mood.

#2 Create an instant mood change via color

 Many offices follow a neutral color scheme, one that doesn’t attract attention and blends in. Not inspiring, to say the least. Put color to work for you with custom colored glass dry erase boards. Want to encourage brainstorming, creativity, a sense of fun, and increased happiness? Go with pops of bright color, such as sunshine yellow or bright orange, to stimulate and energize. In-office spaces where clarity and focus are needed, try a soothing blue or green. Again, tinted glass wall partitions are ideal for creating a workspace that creates the mood you want to achieve by using color.

#3 Incorporate touches of nature

Being surrounded by nature just makes us happier — especially in open office areas. Think water fountains, flowering plants, and greenery. The addition of plants into the workplace can lower stress, increase attention span and levels of concentration, improve well-being, and increase employees’ overall satisfaction with the workplace. Better yet, studies have shown plants in the office can increase employee productivity by 15%. If live plants aren’t practical, glass wall dividers imprinted with scenes from nature can do the trick!

#4 Create an open environment workspace

Gone are the days of closed, claustrophobic cubicles. They could make employees feel like they were wearing blinders. Old-fashioned, enclosed cubicles provided privacy, but at a cost. Employees were isolated from one another, which is a real detriment when working in today’s team-oriented, collaborative business environments. Opening up the workspace and making it more transparent also increases employee satisfaction and collaboration, as well as creating a sense of community among employees. Again, glass wall partitions and glass dividers can help you open up your workspace.

#5 Consider space zoning

 Another trending office design technique is to create dedicated spaces for specific functions. Sitting at a desk eight hours a day can impact an employee’s mental and physical health. Creating casual breakout spaces, away from the typical workspace, can give employees a change of pace that can boost creativity and enhance collaboration. These are the spaces where you can create unique, fun settings. Breakout spaces can be designed to encourage a lively brainstorming session or to create a quiet, calm oasis where an employee can put his feet up and concentrate on a detailed report.

#6 Go green

Environmentally friendly offices are a win-win when it comes to office design and should be a huge part of your renovation process. Employees want their company to be environmentally responsible. It makes them feel good. And clients prefer to be associated with those businesses. Keeping the office green not only boosts employee morale and satisfaction but can also enhance its competitive advantage and potentially add to the company’s bottom line. Choose sustainable, fully recyclable products like wood and glass rather than plastics. And add recycle bins to make it easy for employees to recycle.

#7 Embrace flexibility

Change is inevitable, and businesses need to be easily and quickly adaptable to meet their changing needs. For example, today more employees are working from home than ever. If this trend continues post-Covid, it will definitely impact the demands on the office space. Thoughtful office design builds in flexibility. Instead of building permanent walls and partitions, incorporating more moveable walls and moveable room dividers into the office building design will help you keep your options open.

#8 Design for the future

Select products that will last for decades, not just the short-term – products that will retain their good looks and functionality in the years to come. And keep them simple, with clean lines so they can work in multiple settings, be rearranged as needed, and blend with different color schemes. Choose quality products. For example, glass boards have a solid edge over whiteboards. Whiteboards, which stain, ghost and scratch, have longevity of only four years. Glassboards never stain or ghost. Their non-porous surface guarantees they’ll never soak up ink. Plus, tempered glass is stronger and more durable. The modern look of a wall-mounted glass board will be in style for years to come.

#9 Invest in comfort

Ergonomic desks and chairs are the keystones for providing a comfortable workspace for employees. Adjustable features help reduce employees’ muscle strain and pain, which will also reduce time off work. According to a survey, employees who categorized their office furniture as “bad” were twice as likely to find the office environment depressing.

#10 Design for employee wellness

Beyond comfort, employees appreciate having a healthier working environment. Working treadmills or workstations that allow them to sit or stand at their desks – all of these offer a healthier alternative to sitting for eight hours. In fact, one study found that sitting for a maximum of two hours per day is optimal for employees’ health.