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Glass Dry Erase Boards: Functional, Durable, Stylish

One of the great advantages of a glass whiteboard is the durability. After installing your clear dry erase board, you can feel confident that the board will last as long as the wall it’s mounted on. With sleek glass whiteboards, you don’t have to worry about the kind of cracking, streaking and staining you’ll get with the short lives of traditional whiteboards.

When picking out items to decorate a work space, it seems you often have to compromise between functionality, durability, and style. Finding a functional piece that adds to the aesthetics of a space or a stylish piece that doesn’t break easily can feel like a treasure hunt, especially if you are decorating unique spaces, which may have unusual dimensions, such as customized office furniture.

One option for adding a useful yet stylish and durable piece to the home or office is a glass whiteboard.

These beautiful boards serve as a great communication or brainstorming tool. Install a glass whiteboard in your meeting room, reception area, kitchen, or any other type of space that could benefit from a forward-thinking vibe. You can write with glass markers the same way you can write on a traditional dry erase board. The simple style of clear dry erase means that the boards look great with both traditional and modern décor. You have a lot of flexibility with glass whiteboards, with options to play with color, finish, size, templates, and format—order your board with magnetic glass, customize glass table tops, have a glass whiteboard room divider, order a set of glass tablets, take your whiteboard on the go with Mobile Xpress (a mounted glass whiteboard on wheels), or whatever your space may need.

We’ve got functional and beautiful, so what makes a glass whiteboard so durable? The answer is simple—glass whiteboards are made from more durable material. Traditional whiteboards are made with materials that allow the ink to seep into the board and cause staining. These boards also weaken easily over time, resulting in cracks and breaks. Tempered glass is not only more durable than these materials, but also five to ten times more strong than regular glass. This is done with a thorough heating and cooling process. The mount, stainless steel standoffs that give the glassboard its “float” look, are more than strong enough to even support a full grown adult. Laminated glass is strong as well, used also for car windows. This type of glass gives a bit more flexibility, as it is a mix between glass and plastic.

There you have it: glass whiteboards are the ultimate stylish and functional tool. If you are looking to spice up the environment of your home or office, there’s a glass whiteboard for that.

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