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The Healthboard: Glass Dry Erase Boards in Healthcare Setting

One of the busiest types of workplaces is the medical office or clinic. With so much paperwork, processing, records, patient interactions, and administration tasks, these spaces are prone to problems with communication and organization.

There are certain qualities medical clinics must look for in tools to meet these needs. A great tip for keeping things organized is to look for pieces that make both verbal and written communications easier. One go-to piece to outfit medical clinics with is a special type of glass whiteboard, the Healthboard. This communication board is designed specifically for the medical field. Some of the benefits of the Healthboard include:

Material: This board is made with durable safety glass that is also bacteria resistant, allowing for better infection control in the healthcare environment. Traditional whiteboards are made with material that allows ink and other residual materials to seep in and stick around. Glass dry erase boards are more sanitary and strong, not allowing residues to seep in. The glass is easy to clean off and doesn’t accumulate stains the way that traditional whiteboards do.

Beautiful printing: Whether it’s the nurse’s shift schedule or a patient’s medication chart, you can print a template with permanent high resolution ink on your glass writing surface. When it’s time to start the chart over, simply erase and get right back to writing—no need to draw up the same chart every time. You can design the right template for you, along with the option to get creative with your company logo and other options, like fun colors and finishes.

Style: How often do you see an item in a healthcare setting that is pleasing to the eye? Amidst bulky equipment and blank walls, Healthboards have a simple yet stylish design that can lift the mood of patients, employees, others that get to enjoy the space.
The Healthboard isn’t the only way you can use glass whiteboards in the healthcare setting. With the same options to play with templates, colors, sizes, and other elements such as magnetic glass, which allows the user to tack documents to the glass surface magnetically, you can use a glass whiteboard just about anywhere:

  • Set up an editable greeting board in your reception room. If you have a lot of child patients, you can draw fun pictures or even set it up on the waiting room wall for some drawing space. Make available lots of different glass markers colors to use on the board.
  • Customize individual tablets for employees to take with them.
  • Install a glass whiteboard in a break room or other common rooms.

With so many options, no matter what your medical workplace needs may be, there’s the perfect glass whiteboard waiting.

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