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Glass Markers for Glassboards

We’ve come a long way in teaching boards; from the chalky mess of blackboards, to the innovative but stainable whiteboard, and now onto the most cost-effective and modern board available; the glass board. While we’ve already written about the magic of a glass whiteboard; how it never stains or ghosts, and is durable enough to last you a lifetime, we haven’t talked extensively about the products you can use in conjunction with it. Markers are always the most important tool when it comes to a whiteboard. People want the most effective, brightest, or cheapest markers available. Here are just a few kinds of markers you can use on a glassboard:

Dry Erase Markers – Dry erase markers are the obvious choice for a glassboard, since it’s familiar. With a traditional whiteboard, you only have a few options for markers, and since dry erase markers are made with a special polymer that won’t stain your board, naturally people assume it’s the best choice for glassboards as well. Luckily, glass whiteboards can endure almost any kind of marker, since they’re non-porous and won’t stain or streak no matter how much you write on them.

Permanent Marker – Yes, you can use permanent markers on our glass whiteboards! And no, not in a “you can use a permanent marker on our board once, then throw the board in the trash” kind of way. You can actually use permanent markers on a daily basis if you choose to. Glass is non-porous and not statically charged like a traditional whiteboard, which sometimes clings onto the ink once the dry erase polymer is smudged. You can use permanent markers for making calendars, schedules, or any lines you want to keep, but you can also easily wipe the marker away with cleaning supplies, so when you’re in a pinch, permanent markers can function exactly like dry erase.

Grease Pens – Grease pens can also be used on a glass whiteboard; another tool that would stain or damage a traditional whiteboard. Grease pens are great tools for drawing (great for architects and interior designers) since they have a much more precise tip and a more structured ink than markers.

Paint Markers – Paint markers are very cool markers that give off a vibrant and bold look, and come in a variety of colors. Unlike dry erase markers, which can easily dry out or look uneven, paint markers give a defined and bold splash of color to any presentation or drawing.

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