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Glass Whiteboards are quickly becoming one of the best products on the market; they’re extremely durable, they don’t ghost or stain and last for years longer than traditional white and chalk boards. Not only are they a great product for your walls, but glassboards have begun to have all kinds of uses in the home and office:

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Glassboard Tables – These are some of the coolest products to come out of the glass whiteboard revolution; they are durable, tempered glass boards that are used to assemble conference tables, individual workspaces and welcome desks. These glassboard tables have the durability of our traditional glassboards, and are almost ten times as strong as regular glass. Glassboard tables are even evolving into the more interesting interactive whiteboards, where you can literally upload presentations into the glass itself. Glassboard tables are also incredibly customizable, and they can be engraved, back-painted and assembled into different shapes and sized

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Decorative Glass and Glass Signs – If your office goes for the fun and fresh look of vibrant colors, you’re in luck. If you’re looking for decorative glass and signs, most glassboards now offer custom coloring, back-painting and even opaque sheen glass. You can make your home or office a clean, modern and presentable place to do business, or even have a sign with your company’s name and logo engraved. These boards, while they are more for aesthetics than utility, can also be multi-functional and are great for any modern space.

mobile glassboards and glass room dividers
Glass Room Dividers – Yes, back in the day, the concept of an opaque room divider would seem silly and maybe even a waste of money, but now that they are mobile, customizable and used as , they have become an entirely new concept. A glass room divider is great for office spaces, and can be moved from one office to another. You can have the glass frosted, painted, or clear, and you can communicate easily with cube mates and employers.

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