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Glass Whiteboard Demonstration

Glass whiteboards are a great product, but you’ve heard us say that a million times. What most people want before they make an important purchase is to actually see how the board will work under the pressures of an office, classroom or household. Things like stray footballs being tossed on a day where the teacher is out, or your two-year old tugging on the glass board while you hold them and write. These are the important things people need to see before buying. What about stains? And cleaning? One of the best parts about a glassboard is that they are one of the most clean and easy to clean boards you will ever find.

Board Durability – What’s the worst that could happen to your board? Do you have it in your home, where your son and his friend could accidentally throw their football too close? Is it in a shop where each day is different from the last, and the unpredictability makes you wonder if the board will hold up to the elements? What about near a golf ball, two by four, or hammer? Our boards easily stand up to each of these elements. Sounds crazy right? That’s why we had to make a video to show you for ourselves. If you want to see for yourself, the durability of our glass whiteboards we have an amazing video demonstration:

Mounting Strength – The strength that of the board being held to the wall is also incredibly important, since a loose board can be dangerous for employees and children to be around. One question we get asked a lot is, “How strong are your boards mounted to the wall?” Well, we can tell you all day that our mounts are so strong that a grown man can do pull ups on them without worry, but we’d prefer to show you:

Cleanliness – Our boards are the cleanest on the planet. And why is that, you ask? Because they’re made from all natural, tempered glass and can handle any kind of wear and tear. Not only are they easy to clean, but you can use virtually any marker, pen or paint on them and know that you will always be able to wipe it clean afterwards. Watch what we can do to these boards without consequence:

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