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Glass Whiteboard Options that will Surprise You

The whiteboard is such a common fixture in workplaces, schools, homes, and other venues that one doesn’t think twice about spotting the standard white rectangle that could use a thorough cleaning. But what if you had the option to install a dry erase board that requires a double take? There are many options and customizable features for a whiteboard that adds style to a space rather than detracting from it. Take a look at these options for a dry erase board that you didn’t know you had:

Your dry erase board doesn’t have to be white.

Not only does you dry erase board not have to be white, it does not have to be a solid color. Glass dry erase boards transform the drab look of traditional dry erase, adding sophisticated style to any type of space. These dry erase boards are made with beautiful glass and clean lines, looking modern and simplistic. You can customize with many different colors, including the classic white, frost, brights, neon black, and many other options, including a color matched from an existing design.

Your dry erase board can go mobile.

Why should a glass whiteboard be always stuck to a wall? You never know where you might be when you need some brainstorming space or where you’ll need to convey information. The Clarus Mobile Xpress offers a great solution with a glass whiteboard fitted in an aluminum frame and castors, allowing the whiteboard to go wherever you need it. Put the Mobile Xpress in reception for a warm greet greeting that could draw customers in. Or, take your notes along with you to that big meeting to present and continue your thoughts.

Your dry erase board can wipe clean.

Although glass markers are not permanent, standard whiteboards typically accumulate buildup stains. Within months, a new whiteboard can bleed ink into its surface, already decreasing legibility from a type of staining called ghosting. This has many causes, including overuse of the whiteboard or dirty erasers. Maintaining this surface can require frequent cleaning that may not even reduce all of the marks. Rather than start a semi-efficient cleaning regimen, try using a glass whiteboard as an alternative. This surface, made of tempered glass, is much stronger than regular glass and has a less porous surface than other whiteboards. This type of whiteboard will maintain its stunning surface for years and years, meaning you can spend less time wiping and more time admiring your sparkling glass whiteboard.

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