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Glass Whiteboards and Dry Erase Markers

Glass whiteboards are hands down the best way to go when it comes to boards; we’ve evolved from the messy chalk boards to the innovative whiteboards and now to the seemingly dream-like glass boards. They’re essentially the perfect board; they’re environmentally friendly, they are easy to clean, they look great in any home or office and they can literally outlast their owners. These boards never ghost or stain when you use the traditional dry erase markers, and guess what–you can actually use just about any kind of marker, pen or even paint on them! Don’t believe us? Here are just a few of the things you can use on your board:

Dry Erase Markers – Dry erase markers are the obvious choice for a glass board, and they work like a charm. Dry erase markers are made with a special polymer that won’t stain your board, and they’ve essentially made the traditional whiteboard what it is today. It used to go hand in hand, if you buy a dry erase board, you had better buy some dry erase markers, but luckily you’re no longer stuck with just these markers. Glass dry-erase wall panels can endure almost any kind of marker, since they’re non-porous and won’t stain or streak no matter how much you write on them.

Permanent Marker – Are you serious? You bet. What used to be the cardinal sin of whiteboards is now a reality; writing on them, all over them if you wanted, with permanent marker is no longer going to hurt your glass whiteboard. As you may expect, it takes a bit more elbow grease to get the permanent marker off the board, but generally, a soft cloth and some glass cleaner will do the trick. Why is this such a big deal? Because you can transform your board into a calendar, a roster, or any other kind of board that needs both permanent markings as well as erasable ones. You can outline a calendar and fill in important dates with the dry erase. Then, you can gently wipe away only the dry erase if you want, without having to re-draw the permanent markers. Perfect!

Grease Pens – Grease pens can also be used on a magnetic glass whiteboards whiteboard; another writing utensil that would stain or damage a traditional whiteboard. Grease pens are great tools for drawing (great for architects and interior designers) since they have a much more precise tip and a more structured ink than markers.

Paint Markers – Paint markers are very cool markers that give off a vibrant and bold look, and come in a variety of colors. Unlike dry erase markers, which can easily dry out or look uneven, paint markers give a defined and bold splash of color to any presentation or drawing. In fact, the paint markers don’t even need to be “markers” perse, as regular paint will even come off of these boards! How awesome is that?

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