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We all understand the importance of a first impression; when you’re meeting with a prospective employer, client or customer, your first impression will be a lasting one. It’s very important to understand this as a business; if you are looking for a certain type of client or customer, you will need to tailor your branding and image to acquire that specific type of clientele. One of the best ways to make a first impression for prospective clients, customers and employees is to create an inviting and interesting entry way or sitting room. Here are a couple great ways to set the tone for your office:

Receptionist desk – Placing your receptionists desk in the front of your business is one of the best ways to create a personable and professional look for your company. Not only will your clientele feel instantly welcomed, but your receptionist can quickly direct them to their destination and make sure that they feel taken care of.

Sitting Room – Offering a sitting or waiting room for your prospective employees, clients and customers is a great way to help them feel welcomed, and to help them collect themselves before a big meeting or interview.

Entry Sign – An entry sign is a great idea for both smaller and larger offices. A small office, or suite, in a large building can be difficult to find. There can be times when you could actually lose a prospective client or customer because they can’t find your office by address alone. An entry sign is a great way to welcome your clientele, and can help brand your office from the moment they walk in. If you run an edgy, technology business, a frosted glass sign with your logo could be a great way to show your company’s personality and professionalism. Clarus makes great glass whiteboards that can be used as entry signs.

Snack or Welcome Station – One of the best first impressions you can make on your clients, is one of hospitality and generosity. Offering clients and customers a coffee bar or bottled water and snacks is a great way to keep them entertained and calm before meeting with them. If your receptionist is near the front of the office, she can offer them snacks and drinks from the kitchen as well. While it may seem like a small expense that can be overlooked, showing your clients that you can take care of them is essential in landing a deal and working relationship.

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