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Clarus Glassboards Pride In Manufacturing

Clarus Glassboards™: Pride in Manufacturing

Vertical integration is one of the driving forces in the success of Clarus Glassboards. It’s what enables everything from product customization to industry-leading lead times and customer service. By manufacturing all product under the same roof in Ft. Worth, Texas, Clarus™ blends best-practices in efficient, high-tech manufacturing, with “old world” technique. The result is the American made quality that is getting harder and harder to find.

One very unique part of the manufacturing process for Clarus is the creation of tempered glass. Whereas buying glass could be easier, fabrication gives Clarus an advantage in quality, customization, and responsiveness that is unmatched.

In this video, Robby Whites, CEO of Clarus, along with David Klegg in Sheer Operations and Roy Baldon, Production Department Lead talk, with pride, about Clarus’ commitment in manufacturing a quality product for its customers.