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Glassboards are the new Whiteboards

Whiteboards have been the ideal teaching tool for about the past thirty years. Dry erase markers don’t leave dust everywhere like chalk, they wipe off quickly and can be bought in a variety of colors. For this reason, whiteboards quickly took over in replacing chalk boards over the past three decades. While whiteboards are extremely useful, many people don’t realize how many chemicals and artificial materials are packed into one 6’ by 4’ board. For this reason, glass has become the new whiteboard.

Glass provides the slick and coated texture that allows dry erase markers to wipe away clean, with no ghosting and no streaking. Glass can also be back-painted to match any office or bedroom. Lastly, the best part about buying a glassboard, is that they’re tempered, which makes them extremely strong and durable. If you want to test out glass before buying a board, try using some of these:

Frames Simple picture frames with a colored piece of paper make great mini glassboards. You can test them out and decide if a glassboard is right for you, or you can hang a few around the house in the kitchen, your office and your kid’s playroom to keep everyone up to date and on a set schedule. Once you begin using the picture frame boards, you’ll start to see why glass is the better choice for dry erase.

Glasstop Table Glasstop tables are another great way to test out the look and feel of a glassboard. When working from home, you may be sitting at your dining room table or patio table and need to write yourself a few reminders. Grab a dry erase marker and test it out. You can write yourself reminders on call-backs, meeting times and to-do lists, then wipe it down when you’re ready for dinner!

Mirrors Another great way to test out a glassboard, is to use a mirror. Mirrors, of course, are very similar to back-painted glass and offer the same slick and dense feel of a glassboard. Using a vanity mirror to test out how a clear dry erase board would feel might be ideal, since you get an idea for size, as well as it being affixed to the wall, like a board would be. Many people already use dry erase markers on their mirrors to help remind them of things in the morning or even to write little inspirational sayings that help them get through the day.

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