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Glassboards Bring Functional Branding to Athletics Facilities

The best collegiate athletics programs in the nation know the importance of providing their athletes with all the tools they need to win. There are few areas of development as important as the facilities in which staff and team plan, practice, and learn. Coaches use these areas to teach and collaborate on everything from drawing up plays, to advising on player schedules, and discussing team strategy. This holistic approach to game preparation helps players grow and mature in new and often unexpected ways.

Top schools are building first class learning centers for athletes where they can eat, meet with tutors, and spend their time off the field. These learning centers and athletic facility meeting rooms give players a noticeable competitive edge. The University of Arkansas just completed the Jerry and Gene Jones Family Student-Athlete Success Center, a $10 million 55,000 square foot athlete learning facility1. Designed to address the academic, nutritional, personal and professional development of more than 460 student-athletes, it is part of an integrated academic support program focused on graduation of all student-athletes at the University of Arkansas.

University administrators understand that facilities like these, filled with the best tools and the latest technology, are a powerful force when it comes to recruitment. Every piece of the puzzle matters when it comes to bringing in the best student athletes, and a first class learning center leads to a competitive advantage on the field.

So, how do you create such a cutting-edge space to meet the needs of valued players and staff at your own institution? You design with products that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Clarus™ prints glassboards for a variety of higher education sports facilities, including boards with half courts for drawing plays, players’ stats and rotations for basketball teams, and custom weight room stat boards, recruiting boards, and more.

These products are also important because they reflect a brand. Branding is an important consideration for higher education sports facilities because it helps attract both players and fans. When fans walk into a facility, they should feel excited and maybe even a bit awed. “Let your customer know who you are,” says Bill Van Cleve, president and CEO of Pargon Design + Display in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in a recent piece for Athletic Business. “Create an environment of tradition, history, accomplishments—a place they would want to attend, a place to be proud of.”

Michael McClurg, president of facility brand design Forty Nine Degrees in Coldwater, Ohio, adds that in many cases, branding is a subtle part of a big picture: “If done right, it will engage fans and recruits at a high level and not only reinforce the brand, but also tell a story. Branding will increase the effectiveness of recruiting and engage fan to trust and feel more a part of the brand they are supporting.”

Clarus can provide college athletics with the branding opportunities they seek. Our printing capabilities means each Clarus glassboard can reflect the colors and spirit of the institution or facility it enhances. ColorDrop™ high resolution printing, custom colors, and unique frame options mean we can create memorable spaces that, as writing boards, are also highly practical.

Whatever the design, Clarus has several solutions for athletics areas.

High-quality materials and a cohesive vision can create a great—and lasting—first impression. “The finish and the installation are very important,” McClurg says. “You have to make sure the quality of the company, and that the quality of product being installed does not look cheap and work against your brand.”

Clarus glassboards now extend next generation writable surfaces beyond the classroom to athletic facilities. Our glassboards include sharp, beautiful logos and branding, easy cleaning, and anti-microbial properties, and increase beauty and function of any room.

From architecture to healthcare and many markets in between, Clarus glassboards are known for sophistication, durability, simplicity, and effectiveness. We are proud to work with top universities and athletics teams across the country.

To learn more about how Clarus can help you make your athletic environment more cutting edge, visit today!