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Glassboards for the Creative Office

Creative offices tend to operate quite differently from a more typical business; their company thrives on creating the newest and latest designs, ideas and products. Needless to say, thinking outside of the box is a must. Creative offices place less emphasis on organization and efficiency, and much more on the creative process, since you never know where and how the next best idea will be thought up. Since these businesses operate very differently from a financial or sales office, they need different tools to facilitate the creative process. Here are a couple great tools that every creative office should have:

Inspiration Room – Some creative offices will have a room made purely for inspiration. These rooms can help speed up the creative process, and some offices go over and above to make these rooms filled with inspiration. Some offices will include lounge chairs or bean bag chairs to help their employees relax, others will have bouncy balls or a mini basketball hoop and ball, to help get everyone active and get their minds working. Other offices may be a bit more conservative, and will keep more of a library of books and magazines that can inspire creativity. Then there are the very liberal offices that may plaster the walls in pictures, have stuffed animals or fun toys laying around the room, and are essentially an adult’s version of a game room. No matter what kind of office you have, an inspiration room can be one of the best things you can provide for your employees, to help them escape from the ringing phones and constant e-mails. This should be the room where they can relax and let their ideas flow freely.

”Think Tank” – While an inspiration room can help a group or individual, sometimes it can be downright over stimulating, and can have the opposite effect on your employees. For this reason, some offices like to keep more of a “think tank” room, a small, plain office that acts as a blank canvass.

GlassboardsGlass whiteboards are one of the most universal office tools you can buy; they work great for scheduling, sales tracking and customer service tasks, but they are also a great tool for creative offices. Glass whiteboards are a great tool for creatives since you can brainstorm for days in a group setting. Glassboards allow you to think fluidly, changing and adding in ideas as they come, which is extremely important for creative types.

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