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Glassboards in your All-Glass Office

Your workspace says a lot about your company; the kinds of employees who work there, the kinds of values you have and the kinds of clients you will attract. A modern and bright office space shows your clients that your company is on top of the latest trends, that you value your employees and that you will most likely be able to satisfy their needs. So what says bright and modern more than an all-glass office? That’s right, all-glass offices do exist, and if you’re looking to add some glass to your office, here are a few great ways to start:

Windows – One of the best ways to brighten up your office and add more natural light is to add exterior windows to your building. Offices with lots of natural light tend to reap the benefits in productivity and happier employees.

Glass Doors – If adding windows is out of the budget, you can add quite a bit of natural light by replacing your exterior doors with glass doors. Glass doors not only let in more natural light, but they help reveal your office to the outside world. This is great for offices in a shopping center or building, since people will already be passing your office on a daily basis, so you can take advantage of advertising your edgy space.

Entry Signage – A glass entry sign will give your office an instant modern look and can be a warm welcome every morning to your staff, as well as a bold introduction for any clients and customers.

Glassboards – A glassboard can help any office look more modern and sleek. If your office would benefit from a whiteboard, but you hate the bulky, blinding white look of them, opt for a transparent glass dry erase.

Glass Desks – Adding glass desks in a space not only helps make your office look more modern, but it can help your space look bigger. Glass has less visual weight, so your eye doesn’t feel overwhelmed by bulky filing cabinets and large desks.

Glass Cubicles – That’s right, if you can’t get any natural light in your office, you can at least optimize your artificial light by including glass cubicles or glass dividers. The added bonus is that your employees won’t feel so cut off from one another and can promote a more friendly workplace.

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