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Glassboards Modernize and Enhance College Student Unions

Fierce competition has always existed among colleges and universities to attract academic talent. This race for students has become even more competitive with the rapid rise of online degree programs. There is a silver lining for traditional educational institutions though; many students still desire to learn and socialize with their peers in-person.

To improve the university experience, many schools are investing in state-of-the-art, non-academic facilities such as student unions, dining halls, and dormitories1. Integrating sleek, modern Clarus™ glassboards into these areas is a cost-effective solution that enables collaboration, and enhances both the learning and social experience.

No college campus visit would be complete without a stop at the student union, where tour guides showcase a prime example of the fun learning environment the school offers. The student union provides a space to work, eat, hang out with friends, or take a break between lectures. Realizing the increasing importance of student unions to campus life, schools are investing heavily in these centers2. For example, Ole Miss recently embarked on a $50 million new student union project3, and the University of Kansas is undergoing a $45 million renovation of an existing student union facility4.

Last year, The State University of New York at Stony Brook upgraded its Mendelsohn Quad to serve as a more collaborative space with the addition of charging cables, comfortable seating, digital displays, and gorgeous Clarus glassboards. The writable surfaces offer easy cleaning and anti-microbial properties, while providing the common area with functional platforms for learning, sharing, and communicating5. The collaborative space has proved such a hit that there are plans to equip other areas on campus with glassboards and supporting technology6.

Clarus glassboards are made of tempered glass that can handle up to 6500 pounds of force, which is why not a single Clarus glassboard has ever been replaced due to random breakage.

Unlike whiteboards, glassboards erase completely so they don’t suffer from unsightly discoloration and can offer an extensive life, lowering the total cost of ownership. They are designed to be easily deployed, and once installed, maintenance crews never have to worry about them. They can be customized with school colors and logos to foster pride, and the modern glass adds a gorgeous aesthetic to any campus space7. A great option for collaborative and interactive student union is the go! Mobile™ glassboards, which comes in four sizes.

A well-equipped student union can serve as the hub for student life, shared learning, and a showcase of a school’s commitment to modernity in order to provide a richer college experience. Clarus glassboards add a sleek aesthetic appeal, unparalleled functionality, with a long lifespan that lowers the total cost of ownership. To discover more about customizing glassboards for a college campus, visit us at today!