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Glassboards Are The Future

Glassboards are one of the greatest products on the line for any office, home, or school. We’ve discussed the various ways a company can benefit from a glassboard, and the various industries and professions that love our boards. While these boards seem to be on the cutting edge enough as they are, we’ll admit that the glassboard is just the beginning for the future of these great tools. Glass is one of the easiest materials to clean, it never stains and you can even use permanent markers or grease pens if you’re looking to make charts, graphs, or other data you’d like to stick. Once you’re done, you clean it off, and there’s never a stain or indication that you’ve ever written on the board before. This look can give an always fresh, always new feel to your office, instead of a worn and overused feel. So what’s next in the world of glassboards?

Glass board tables – Glass whiteboards are great for a board meeting; you can direct attention to the board, create charts and graphs that stay, while you erase the dry erase marker around it (by using permanent marker for certain items). These boards are a great tool, but they’re starting to extend the use of the boards by placing them in front of each employee. Laminated glass board tables are a great tool for an office that is big on communication. It helps give your employees a feeling that they’re heard and that you encourage input from any angle.

Interactive glassboards – Interactive glass whiteboards are already breaking into the market, but there are plenty of companies perfecting the technology behind these great tools. Interactive whiteboards can currently link to the internet, your computer and other great software tools that can practically teach a class on its own. These boards help free up a teachers time to work with students on a more one-on-one basis, and to help them get involved in their learning.

Glassboard think tanks – These awesome tools are great for any cutting-edge office, or one that prides themselves on brainstorming. These glassboard brainstorming stations allow up to three employees to close themselves off from the rest of the office and use the walls of their environment to think, brainstorm and create. These think tanks are great for busy advertising offices, interior design firms and digital design companies.

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