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Glassboards of the Future

Glass whiteboards have been slowly been taking over the market, and many industries are beginning to rely on them as the standard for whiteboard cleanliness, durability and style. Glassboards are quickly replacing the traditional whiteboard, which were the cutting-edge product just 20 years ago. Whiteboards are made from various kinds of pressboard, coated in a static-cling, dry erase chemical, and can last for about five years if you’re good to them.

On the other hand, glassboards are a durable piece of tempered glass, which is ten times stronger than regular glass. These boards work great with not only dry erase markers, but permanent markers, paint markers and even grease pens. These boards are virtually indestructible and never stain or streak, so it’s very realistic to assume you can keep a glass whiteboard for as long as you keep your office or classroom.

As if glass whiteboards didn’t already sound like the better, more technologically advanced product, they’re only getting better. Both traditional whiteboards and glass whiteboards are now offering smart boards, where you can set up a projector and literally work with your whiteboard as an interactive platform for displaying websites, showing educational games and for integrating writing and teaching for many professors.

So what is next for these interactive glassboards? As glassboards are quickly replacing the traditional whiteboard, imaginations can run wild. Glass offers the ability to use LED screens and project images not from an outside light source, but from within. These boards can be customized to any size, and can be used not only as hanging boards, but as table tops and free-standing boards as well.

Glassboards of the future may look very similar to those we’ve seen in the movies for the past ten years; the research board in Minority Report, or the screens used in the Matrix. All of these technologies have already been imagined, and the technology is getting us closer each day.

So far, there have been plenty of great prototypes for clear dry erase boards; table tops, think tanks, and floor to ceiling interactive walls. Many of these great interactive glassboards are incredibly expensive and are still being tested, but we can expect to see great things in the next few years for glass whiteboards!

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