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Glassboards for the Hospital

Hospitals have long used whiteboards for patient rooms, nurse stations and critical care areas to make sure the staff, patient and patient’s family were all on the same page. While whiteboards can become worn and used in a few short years, there is a new product out for hospitals that is not only a more durable and long-lasting product, but is actually anti-microbial and non-staining as well. These healthboards are made from a tempered glass and there’s no end to the design options you can choose from.

Healthboards can be placed outside each room to help keep track of patients’ needs, or inside their room to help them better communicate with the hospital staff. Some of the most popular healthboards are made to celebrate a new baby! Since these healthboards are made from glass, they can have custom designs placed in the background, like a stork or cartoon baby. These boards can have printed questions, such as baby’s arrival time, their height and weight and how mom is holding up.

Another great use for a healthboard is to use it as a communication tool between the nursing staff and their patients. Make it a habit for your patient to wake up every day and report how they’re feeling and any new symptoms they may be experiencing. This boards work great, since it can be difficult for nurses and staff to get around to each room, especially when their patients are alert and awake, so these boards can help bridge the communication gap.

Healthboards can also be used in the staff-only sections of a hospital, and can help doctors and nurses keep track of whose shift is on, which rooms or wings of the hospital belong to each person and daily or nightly responsibilities. These glass dry erase boards can also be used to display the names of those on staff, for patients and families looking for a specific nurse or doctor.

Healthboards are a much better option than the typical whiteboard because they give a clean and professional look, allow for custom designs to be printed, and come in various shapes sizes and colors. The streak-free and stain-free glass help keep the boards looking fresh and new for their entire lifespan. These glassboards are installed into the wall and can give off a polished and branded look to any hospital.

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