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How Can Clarus Glass Enhance Your Business?

Did you know that Americans used more than 12 million tons of glass products in 2018? Glass is such a common material that many people around the world use it without giving it a second thought. From food containers, bottles, and jars, to household and industrial items, glass is a part of most people’s everyday lives. This diverse material lives nearly everywhere, but did you know that glass can help enhance your workspace too? 

Whether you are looking to amplify your brand or simply learn about how glassboards can customize your space, Clarus can help. Read over a few of the basics that will help you on the start of your office design and branding journey.

Brand Awareness

Customers should be able to recognize a business simply by looking at colors and patterns; for example, if you saw red and white, it may remind you of Coca- Cola. The key to get customers to associate you with your logo and brand colors is to implement these elements throughout all touchpoints, both internally and externally. There should be no question on your branding, and incorporating our colorful glass into your office design can help promote your company and instill brand consistency even further.

With Colors by Clarus™, our true color matching system, we are able to give customers the power of full-color customization. Whatever your colors, we can create a custom, premium, writable glassboard for your space that embodies your brand. To take customization a step further, we’re even able to add in company logos and designs to any of our products. Strategically placing branded glassboards around your space projects your business identity to both employees and customers.



Color Psychology

Did you know that colors can have an impact on a person’s mind and feelings? For example, red can facilitate excitement, and blue can bring people calm. When decorating your space, consider which glass color would best fit the purpose of your room. Do you want people to collaborate and create? Relax and unwind? Or do you want to create a sense of happiness for your customers that are entering your storefront? Use colored glass to your advantage and create your customized environment. 



Categorization & Versatility 

Once you have the right colors identified for your business, it is now time to decide which Clarus glass product is best for your specific needs, and where to place it to get the best use. If you have a large office, it may be beneficial to use dividers or moveable sliding glass to separate the space into smaller areas, or to use a mobile glassboard to give your employees the ability to wheel their ideas around the office. In some cases, businesses can utilize multiple brand colored glassboards to differentiate between departments, making it easy to navigate through a large building. However you want your business area to flow, Clarus has a product to help streamline the environment in just the way you’re looking for.



Find the Best Colored Glass Products

Clarus is proud to bring color matching and customization to our customers, and we are here to not only support your brand, but amplify it in your space. Browse our products or reach out to our experts for more information today.