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How Do I Clean a Glass Whiteboard?

Glassboards have become the standout product of the past few years, mostly because they’re a durable, almost non-breakable whiteboard that never stains or streaks. Glass whiteboards work just like a regular whiteboard; they are a smooth, clean surface that you can use not only dry erase markers on, but also permanent markers and grease pens. While glass whiteboards will never stain or streak the way a regular, chemical-coated pressboard whiteboard does, users often like to clean their boards to keep them looking shiny and new. So how do you clean your glass whiteboard?

With regular whiteboards, you’ll find yourself cleaning your board regularly; usually at least once a week to try to get the most life out of it. With a glass whiteboard you don’t need to worry about the board staining if you don’t get around to cleaning it. A glass whiteboard could go an entire summer with dry erase marker left on it, and still wipe off easily with a cloth. If you left dry erase marker on a regular whiteboard for that long, you could have possibly ruined the entire board. Cleaning a glass whiteboard is really quite easy, but here are some tips on how to keep your board at its freshest:

(Please note, these are general guidelines. You should always consult your glassboard manufacturer or read the manual on cleaning your board)

  • Clean your clear dry erase board with cleaning materials that are free of dirt or debris, to avoid scratching the surface of the glass.
  • Do not clean the glass when it’s hot or in direct sunlight. The glass will generally be warm and cool cleaning solutions may create problems.
  • It’s best to use a mild detergent or cleaning solution, as glass shouldn’t require too harsh of chemicals.
  • Avoid allowing the board to be in a room with extreme temperature changes, since this can lead to thermal fracture.
  • Use a soft cloth or towel to clean the board.
  • Don’t ever leave tapes or adhesives on your glass surface. These materials may be difficult to remove, and may require you to consult a professional to remove them. Some experienced glass users may use a lighter fluid and razor, but we recommend using a professional to avoid scratching your glass.

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