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How durable are Glass Whiteboards?

Glass whiteboards are the newest and best products on the line; they are durable and modern, customizable and sleek. They are environmentally friendly and easy to clean, and the best part of glass whiteboards is that they never stain or streak! These whiteboards often seem too good to be true, so many people want to know, “how durable are glass whiteboards?”

First of all, let’s talk about traditional whiteboards, which are made from a press board material which contains various chopped woods and chemicals binding everything together. These boards are then surfaced with another chemical coat that gives the whiteboard it’s erasable properties. This coating has a slight static cling, which helps hold the dry erase marker in place, but also makes them prone to staining and streaking. Traditional whiteboards can be nailed directly onto a wall and tend to be durable enough to withstand months of use, and get their strength mostly from being affixed to the wall it hangs on. These boards may be less expensive than a glass whiteboard, but you definitely get what you pay for; if you plan on using a board on a daily basis, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week and will still only last about five to ten years.

Now, let’s move on to glass whiteboards:

Tempered Glass – Glass whiteboards are made from tempered glass, which can be up to ten times stronger than a regular glass and goes through an extensive heating and cooling process to harden the glass. Not only is tempered glass extremely durable and can withstand the force of a blunt blow, it also breaks differently from regular glass. When tempered glass does take a blow hard enough to shatter, it falls into small, pebble-like granules instead of the sharp shards you would see from a regular piece of glass.

Standoff – Since there are only two main pieces to the clear dry erase board, you can expect that the stainless steel standoffs are just as durable as the tempered glass we use. Our standoffs keep the board from being affixed to the wall like a traditional whiteboard and creates depth and drama for your board. So how strong are our standoffs? We have videos of various tests proving our boards are durable and strong. Our favorite video has to be the pull-ups; that’s right, our boards are so durable that a grown man can do pull-ups on the board without even the slightly movement.

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