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How easy is it to clean a Glassboard?

Glass whiteboards are the newest and best products on the market for a number of reasons; they’re easy to clean, they never stain or streak, and they’re virtually indestructible. Well, we’ve said time and time before that glass whiteboards are easy to clean, but what exactly can a glass whiteboard withstand? We’ve mentioned grease pens, permanent markers, and dry erase markers, but what’s the difference between cleaning a glass whiteboard versus cleaning a traditional whiteboard? Doesn’t a traditional whiteboard eventually clean off, with strong enough chemical cleaners?

Or are there actually some things that can’t wash off of each? Here at Clarus, we love finding answers to all of your mind bloggling questions, so we decided it was our job to test out the two boards and compare how easy glassboards are to clean versus a traditional whiteboard. Here is what we found:

Dry Erase Markers – Dry erase markers are what are always used on whiteboards; they have the same pigment as a permanent marker, yet are coated in a different polymer that allows the ink to never touch the board. When the marker is left too long, or when it is erased when it’s still wet, the polymer doesn’t always block the ink from sinking into the surface of the whiteboard. This is why traditional whiteboards stain over a period of time. This test, however, was over the course of an hour or so, so the dry erase markers came up from both boards.

Permanent Markers – Permanent markers are generally a big “no no” for whiteboards, and will stain a traditional whiteboard without any way of removing the marker. We tested permanent glass markers on both boards and we were pleased to find that the glassboard had no problem with staining!

Paintball Gun Paint – The paintball gun was fired at both the glass whiteboard and traditional whiteboard and actually came off of both! We wiped the boards clean before they completely dried. If they had both dried, we expect we would have had some issues with the traditional board, especially because of the information we gathered on our last item.

Spray Paint – Spray paint dries very quickly, since it is composed of small particles of paint. The spray paint was a lost cause on the traditional whiteboard, and we don’t even know what kind of heavy chemicals we would have to experiment with to actually remove it. Of course, on the glassboard, the spray paint came up easily with a bit of cleaning solution!

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