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How glass whiteboards can benefit different workspaces

A work-space is often reflective of the thinkers that utilize it—a cluttered, boring, or outdated work-space may encourage similar thinking. Employers are starting to realize that creating a pleasant and fun space improves worker satisfaction and function. One tool that can transform an entire room is the glass whiteboard, a modern glass reworking of the classic whiteboard. These glassboards have a smart, unique look that will impress anyone who happens upon it and inspire those who use it. There are several different types of work-spaces that can benefit from the installation of a glass whiteboard:

Collaborative work space. The glass whiteboard’s most striking feature is its professional, sleek look. An innovative company needs an environment that reflects its ingenuity, and what better place to do this than in collaborative work spaces and meeting rooms? A glass whiteboard hangs flat on the wall but the modern glass design gives it a sense of depth that is normally achieved with mirrors—it makes the room feel larger and more spacious. A company can express creativity through the coloring of the wall behind the glass or by customizing the glass itself: try finishes of clear, frosted, white, or a customized color. When you combine this style with all the functionality of a traditional whiteboard, employees have a clean, fun place to communicate, explore ideas, and impress clients.

Personal work space. A glass whiteboard can add depth to a cramped office space and serves as a prime brainstorming tool. This provides a clean thinking space that displays so much creativity itself that those who use it will feel inspired. A glass background gives a sense of freedom and unbridled thinking. You can jot down quick reminders or leave messages for coworkers who come looking for you while you’re out of the office. You can also use it as a backdrop for personal pictures, mantras, and countdowns to your next vacation.

Classrooms. Part of the reason glass whiteboards are so useful for the classroom is that they are durable and clean. The non-staining surface is perfect for kids, who tend to stain traditional whiteboards with ghost-marks and sticky fingers. Glassboards will hold up to the roughhousing of students with 1/4th inch tempered safety glass, which is 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass. A uniquely designed classroom board will encourage children to participate and learn.

Homework stations. Many families have a designated workplace in the house for homework, usually in the kitchen or living room where parents are nearby to offer assistance. Installing glass whiteboards in this space gives kids unlimited scratch paper and allows parents to guide learning.

Family organization centers. Some parents designate a calendar or notepad to help organize schedules or to leave messages to passing family members. This is sometimes done with a cork board or a white board. A glass whiteboard will stay clean despite family chaos and can blend in nicely with home décor. Glassboards can even be customized with calendars, grids, or another layout.

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