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How restaurants & other spaces benefit from glass whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are great for office collaboration, but there are many other types of spaces they can benefit. Use them for waiting rooms, classrooms, or even nightlife venues—give your bar or restaurant a unique and modern feel by transforming your space with glass whiteboards.

Sophisticated signage

Glass whiteboards can be custom made with your company name or logo printed on them for an eye catching effect. Using our clear, frosted, or other finish options along with your printed design, you will be able to install a creative sign that will help your business stand apart from the pack. Layering these effects and/or collaborating with your wall’s existing design will give your sign more dimension and appeal than the typical design. Make a sign to put out front, over your bar, on bathroom doors, or for any other signage need you may have.

Eye-catching neons

Our glass whiteboard color options are perfect for the laid back, late night atmosphere. Get a glass dry erase board in bright pink or green. Or, you can install a neon black or dark blue glass dry erase board and use neon colored glass markers for a tantalizing effect. Invoke the colors of the tropics for your tiki themed restaurant or go with a cool dark blue color theme for the VIP bar lounge and use silver or other light colored markers. Neons can look truly memorizing in a venue with party lighting.

An entryway hook

With the Clarus Mobile Xpress, you get a glass whiteboard mounted on an aluminum frame that can be moved around on its castors. This means that you’ll have a sign with flexible use and all the sophisticated look of a glass whiteboard. Put your sleek-looking Mobile Xpress outside your restaurant or bar with a catchy saying to get people in the door. Or, set up a greeting in your reception area. You can also use a Mobile Xpress to alert customers to wet floors or a restricted area with a warning on your mobile glass dry erase board, meaning you won’t have to use one of those unpleasant looking yellow warning signs to bring down the aesthetic feel of your nightlife venue.

An editable menu or specials board

Whether you’re using a Mobile Xpress or a mounted board, glass whiteboards offer an eye-catching surface to write the day’s specials or happy hour information. Put your glass whiteboard on the wall up behind your register so that customers can just look up at the menu or specials.

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