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How Strong are Glass Whiteboards?

Glass whiteboards are one of the most innovative products on the market today; they’re sleek, easy to clean, and offer a great surface for dry erase markers, permanent markers, grease pens and even paint! Glassboards are made with tempered glass, which is typically strengthened up to ten times the strength of regular glass.

Even though the glass is tempered, we still get the question all the time; “Can I break my Glass Whiteboard?” Most people are interested in protecting their investment if they purchase a glass whiteboard, and ever since we were younger we’ve known that glass is fragile and that if you are too rough with it, it will definitely break. It seems like a common sense question, but when you’re thinking of glass, it’s best to think of different kinds very differently. There is laminated glass, tempered glass, and all kinds of combinations of strengthened, hardened and safety glasses.

Our backpainted glass boards are made from an extensive heating, cooling and chemical process which makes the glass up to ten times stronger than a regular sheet of glass. The chemical process actually changes makeup of the glass, so in the very off-chance that the board does break it will crumble into small pebbles instead of breaking into large and dangerous shards. Just to ease your minds about the strength of our boards, we decided to put them to a test called the “Throwing, Chucking, Hurling, Tossing, Pitching, Heaving” Challenge. This challenge was a great way to display our boards’ integrity. We chucked two by fours, hurled golf balls, tossed hammers and pitched aluminum pipes at the boards (among other things) to show how tough our boards truly are.

We discovered (well, we already knew, but we proved) that these boards are incredibly durable and these items didn’t even leave a crack! Not only are the boards themselves very strong, but the standoffs that secure the boards into place are incredibly tough. We even had our employees do pull-ups on the boards to show their strength, and unless you’re using these boards as targets at a firing range, we couldn’t think of many ways you could actually damage them. Since most whiteboards will only last about five to ten years before they’re too stained and ghosted to be used anymore, glass whiteboards can outlast them by decades. Oh did we forget to mention that awesome quality? That’s right, glass whiteboards never stain or streak, so they can last you a lifetime!

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