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How to Design a Visually Striking Space

Are you sick of looking at an interior space and thinking it’s a little “blah”? Whether you’re looking at space in a personal home, business, or commercial area, you will have to create a striking design to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. You can follow these surprisingly simple tips and glass whiteboards to transform your dull space into something memorable and inviting:

Use color strategically

Mixing and matching colors is key to creating a striking space. Color gives a space character, depth, and warmth. This doesn’t mean that every inch of your space must be covered in color, however. It’s all about using color strategically—you can have a lot of fun infusing a white room with coordinated accent colors.
Glass whiteboards can be a great tool for adding color. With plenty of colors to choose from, including brights, pastels, classics, and color-matching, you can use your whiteboard as an accent piece or a larger colored whiteboard, including table tops and room dividers, for a beautiful focus piece.

Don’t overwhelm

One thing to keep in mind when designing your striking interior is the difference between bold and overwhelming elements. A major mistake you can make as a designer is thinking that more is better. The “Wow!” factor that you’re going for doesn’t apply if the reaction is actually, “Wow, there’s a lot going on here!” A major aspect of striking designs is simplicity—you should try to find a nice balance between the elements we’ve already talked about and keeping things basic enough to prevent the room from feeling cluttered or gaudy. All the work you do to make the room feel spacious and perfectly lit will go out the window if you have too many patterns, colors, or focus pieces in the mix.

As you’re planning your design, make a list of all your ideas and visualize them working together. Try to spot any elements that may clash. There simply may not be enough room. Pick out your boldest features and make sure that together, they won’t be overwhelming.

The simplicity of glass whiteboards means they are a great product for striking interior designs, especially with office spaces. The clean lines and smooth glass go along great with a modern design, but can coordinate with any style to give a space an updated, energetic look.

The benefit of using glass whiteboards to decorate is that they are also very useful in the home, office, restaurant space, or wherever you may need it. You can write and erase with dry erase glass markers or customize with magnetic glass for easy tacking, meaning a valuable element of your striking room also makes for a great communication or brainstorming device that has the quality to look great for years and years to come.

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