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How to Get a Modern Look for your Office

Creating a trendy and forward-thinking office space may be harder than it looks. For many business owners, it’s easy to visualize your new office space, but takes too much time and expense to really make it happen. While there’s no set style, creating a modern and trendy work space can be broken down into a couple easy to do categories:

Monochromatic – One great way to achieve a modern look is to stick with a narrow color palette. One of the best contemporary color schemes is whites and grays, which give your office a clean and fresh look. Pops of color can help warm up your office and help you draw your customers or clients’ attention to specific areas of your office.

Minimalist – One of the best things about a contemporary look is that it’s easy to achieve on a tight budget. Minimalism helps reduce the clutter and give a futuristic, clean look. Minimalist offices can be a great work environment, since there’s less distraction and visual stimuli for your employees.

Sleek Lines – Sharp lines are often very characteristic of a contemporary style. Office furniture with clean lines and less decoration provide a clean, futuristic look. This is another great thing for a company on a budget, since less ornate furniture and decorations can be much less expensive.

Glass – One of the best ways to modernize your office space is to include glass furniture, glassboards and glass wall dividers. Glass is an inexpensive and durable product that can have multiple uses around the office. Glassboards can replace the outdated whiteboards, and provide a clean, modern feel for your office. Now, they even make back-painted glassboards and magnetic glass boards to let you customize your modern office.

Feng Shui – One free way to help modernize your office is to work on the flow of your space. A cluttered office can be distracting for both your customers and employees. An office with a good flow can help your productivity and efficiency. Start by moving a few items around. Is your printer in a back room, when you use it every hour? Or are your phones placed in a central location to ensure that someone can always answer them?

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