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How to Hide your Whiteboard

Whiteboards are arguably one of the most useful tools for the home or office; you can take notes, brainstorm, leave messages for co-workers or kids, and the list goes on and on. In fact, if whiteboards weren’t so bulky and large, we’d argue that nearly every home or office could benefit from one. Luckily there are quite a few ways that you can conceal your whiteboard so it doesn’t consume your office or use up an entire wall of your home.

Regular Whiteboards – A regular large whiteboard can easily take up half a wall in an office or home. Regular whiteboards can start to look rough after a few years, since they easily stain and streak, leaving half of your wall covered in a weird, dark marker film. Cover up your large whiteboard with a large picture frame or painting in a home, or a mission statement or sales tracking in an office.

Glass Whiteboards – Glass whiteboards are a great product for your home or office, especially if you need to transform your room from productive to welcoming. The best part about glass whiteboards is that they don’t stain or streak, meaning they will always keep as an attractive, translucent look on your wall. If you’re looking to hide a glassboard entirely, you’re in luck, since you can not only cover it up, but use the glass to frame some of your favorite artwork or pictures. That’s right, you can have a high-quality picture or painting blown up to the size of your glassboard, then easily slip it behind for a sleek, yet fun look. Glass whiteboards are perfect for this, since they are typically affixed to the four with four mounts. You can easily unscrew the fasteners, line up your new picture to the back of your glassboard, and poke four holes in your picture to hold it in place. From there, all you need to do is screw the glassboard back onto the wall and you have a beautiful, clean picture frame that doubles as a useful tool.

Magnetic Glass boards – If you’re not into covering up or covering under, you could always opt for a magnetic whiteboard, which still keeps the professional and orderly look of a board, however you can always pin up some fun pictures and quotes. The beauty of magnetic whiteboards is that they no longer need to be white; you can go with a back-painted glassboard to match a room in your home or office, then when it’s time to switch from work to play, post up your favorite pictures, recipes, motivational quotes or anything else that inspires you.

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