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Interesting Facts About Glass

Glass Whiteboards are the newest and best products on the market; they’re durable, long-lasting, and never streak or stain. Not only are they a better investment, but they are more eco-friendly than the chemically coated pressboards of the past. While tempered glass is not currently a recyclable kind of glass, these boards are virtually unbreakable and rarely need to be replaced. Glass has had an extensive history and has made our lives easier for hundreds of years. Here are a couple facts about glass you may not have known:

  • Almost one seventy five percent of glass in the United States is used for packaging
  • Glass makes up about eight percent of America’s municipal waste
  • More than four thousand California restaurants and bars recycle glass
  • Colonists in Jamestown tried making glass in 1621, but were interrupted by an Indian attack in 1622, which halted the industry until 1739
  • Glass is known as the “fourth state of matter” since it’s considered to always be a liquid, but has no solid or gas state
  • Glass is made of super-cooled liquid. The molecules are just moving very, very slowly
  • In 1994 there were enough glass bottles and jars recycled in the U.S. that, if they were laid end to end, they’d reach the moon and half way back to the earth
  • The blowpipe was invented about 30 B.C. and was probably created along the Mediterranean coast
  • Using recycled glass helps cut air pollution by twenty percent
  • Recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for four hours!
  • One ton of recycled glass saves the energy equivalent to 10 gallons of oil
  • Glass was believed to be first manufactured in the form of glaze on ceramics, around roughly 3000 B.C.
  • Glass never wears out, meaning it can be recycled over and over again
  • Most glass bottles and jars contain at least twenty five percent recycled glass
  • Glass has been part of human cultures for more than 3,000 years
  • Fiberglass is made from the same substances as normal glass. It’s heated and pulled into threads. The threads are then woven together to make fiberglass
  • Tempered glass, like the kind in glass whiteboards, never just cracks. Tempered glass is extremely strong, but as a safety precaution, when it does encounter a big enough blow, it will shatter into small granules, instead of sharp shards
  • Windshields are made of laminated glass, which help hold shards of glass in place, in the event of an accident

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